What I would like to change about me.

Do you ever get bored with your looks? Sometimes I think that we can all do with changing our looks a little bit. It is almost like it is a refreshing experience which makes you feel better about yourself. The other day, I looked at myself in the mirror before I started my London escorts shift, and thought that I looked a bit worn out. It has been ages since I had a break from charlotte escorts, and I really could do with an update.London escorts have different tricks when it comes to updating their images. One of the girls at our London escorts service updates her image by going to her favorite personal shopper and telling her that she would like a new look.

I have not been brave enough to do so as yet, but I am thinking about it. My wardrobe is beginning to look drab and I think that I dress in the same way all of the time. It is so easy to fall into a certain image and never change it, and I would really like to change the way I dress. What about makeup? Yes, I am must admit that I have been wearing the same color eyeshadow and lipstick for the last few years now and it is getting to be a bit boring. When I look at myself in the mirror, I think that I look pretty bland and I would like to change that about me. Believe it or not, London escorts are not all beauty experts and it can be hard to know how to change your makeup. Sometimes you need an experts eye, and next weekend when I am not working for London escorts, I am going to pop into a department store for a bit of a revival as they like to say.

My lingerie needs updating as well. I seem to have been buying the same type of frilly knickers for ages now, and I do need to update the lingerie side of my wardrobes as well. Most of the time I shop for all of my London escorts lingerie online but I really should be trying some of the top lingerie shops in London.

Yes, they are a little bit more expensive, but I do think that you get what you pay for. It is a lesson that I think I have finally learned from my friends at London escorts. Classy lingerie is ten times sexier than cheap lingerie.

Making an effort with yourself normally pays off at the end of the day. There are probably some men I date at London escorts who do not want me to change my image, but I know that it is good for me to do. I love looking my best and it is funny how much more confidence a new look will make you feel. Yes, it is about image as well, and once I have updated my look, I do think that I will have all of my London escorts photos redone. Who knows, may I will look even sexier than I do know?