What goes on in your little blond head?

The other day when I was on duty at https://cityofeve.com London escorts, I had one of my scatter brain blonde moments. The gent that I was spending time with said that I did not seem to be with it at all. I would agree, I do get those days when I kind of lose the plot and it must have been one of those days. We all get them but I seem have more of them than other girls at our escort service. Could it be my blonde hair?

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I am not sure what it is, but I can feel my brain drifting. The other day as I was about to go out, and start my shift at London escorts, I realised that I had left my bag behind. It was not until I got to the tubestation, that I realised that I only had my keys in my hand. I had to rush back and pick up my bag. It was kind of funny, but at the same time, I have to admit that it was kind of a blonde thing to do. The incident made me giggle on the way in.

Sometimes when I go out on dinner dates with my London escorts gents as well. I have this really bad habit about getting confused with the menu. Most people probably don’t have a problem at all, but I do have this tendency to get really confused. I take one look at the menu and wonder what all of things mean. I do dine in a lot of fine restaurants, so I have started to get used to it, but I often have to ask my gent to help me.

When I am not on a date, I think about all sorts of crazy stuff. I keep coming up with all of these ideas that I would like to do after I have left London escorts. None of them are probably going to work, but I would like to think that I will have a good life in front of me. I date a couple of really savvy business men, and I think that I may just ask them to help me sort out my finances. I am doing okay at the moment, but I am not sure what to do with the money. As a matter of fact, I don’t like shopping a lot.

Am I like other blondes that you may meet at London escorts? I often think that I am very much like other blondes that you may meet at London escort services, but most of my gents tell me that I am not. A few of them say that I am not like any other blonde that they have met. Should I take that as a compliment? At the moment I am taking it as a compliment as all of the gents who say that to me, say it with a smile. I love how that makes me feel, and it makes me realise that the perfect blonde day is still to come.