The internet has now made it easy to find an escort you can have fun with

Any man can now enjoy the company of a woman who has been trained to handle clients. However, choosing an attractive escort with a cheap rate is not that easy. The hotter they look; the more money you will have to spend. So here is a look at some tips to help you select attractive cheap escorts in

Skin color

Most escorts will charge depending on how they look. A good number of them who are expensive most definitely have a flawless skin. Those with blemishes, skin rushes or stretchmarks may not charge you much. If you are working within a tight budget, this is a consideration that could help you save more and still have fun.

Get a cheap agency or site

This is the best way to get a cheap attractive escort if you are running low on budget. You should consider checking an agency that offers cheap services. There are sites and agencies that offer exceptionally low rates to keep clients or bring in new clients. So, when looking for an escort, you can still get the most attractive from a well-known agency.

Check photos

The photos will also tell you whether an escort is cheap or expensive. For instance, a hot looking escort in a photo will charge you high than an otherwise looking escort. When looking at pictures, be keen not to be duped into believing edited photos that don’t portray the real escort. Some use the most sophisticated photo editing tools to change their complexion and body curves.

Stick to your budget

This is key when searching for an escort. You should always work within your budget when looking for an escort. Go for agencies that allow you to state your budget and offer cheaper rates. Also consider sites that let you bargain before paying.

Read reviews

Reading reviews also helps you understand the type of an escort you will see. This tells you how cheap or expensive they are. An agency or escort with poor reviews will tend to be cheaper and so the best target for budget conscious clients. You can settle for such escorts and make them what you want. It is always important to be frank and tell them what your needs are.


Lastly, you can also pay an escort based on her health. There are clients who would still book an escort who is sick. Such escorts will charge you lower rates than usual. When choosing these escorts, make sure the disease is not an STI.