Escorts Getting Fit

We are all told to get fit these days, but did you know that a group of London escorts have just started a keep fit class?

It turns out that London escorts from are getting so concerned about their dates’ health that they decided to get them fit. A large majority of men who go on dates with London escorts are international business men and travelers. Many of them are regular dates, and some of the girls have noticed that their dates health seems to be suffering, so they got together and arranged an exercise program.

London escorts enjoy keeping healthy, and of course they think that their dates should take a more active interest in their health as well. Many of their dates are a bit on the heavy side and the girls have decided that the excess weight needs to come off and a bit more muscle needs to go on.

Exercise for Better Sex

The exercise program consists of walks combined with strengthening exercises. This means going for at least half an hour’s walk, and using natural resistance exercises to get fit.

The first ten minutes consist of stretches that will warm up any red hot male. The girls put their charges through a program of stretches that will stretch even the most hard to reach muscle and tendons within the body.

If, you are out walking in a London park, and come across a group of glamorous looking ladies bending and pulling a bunch of men about, you may have found the London escorts exercise group. The group will after warming and limbering up, set out for a walk at a rapid pace and can be seen walking off into the distance with their heads held high, and the escorts pony tails swinging.

After about half an hour the group will stop, and the by now somewhat worn out men, will be put through a series of resistance exercises. Bank benches will be used for triceps dips, and special sit ups called “reach my cleavage sit ups” will be performed in the middle of the park.

The sit ups are performed with the escorts standing over their dates, and the dates will anxiously try to reach for the escorts’ bosoms which are of course that little bit out of reach. After the sit ups, it is time for some light yoga to finish off the routine.

The London escorts will assume the pose of Down Dog, and encourage their dates to do the same. From the basic Down Dog, the girls will take through a range of yoga poses which include leg lifts and hip thrusts. Wiggle your pelvis is one of the exercises, the dates find most difficult to get used to but other ones include the famous yoga plow and bridge.

I watched a group of London escorts putting their dates through their paces, and I must admit, they all looked rather exhausted afterwards. The dates were slumped in the grass whilst the escorts seemed to be busy doing some extra exercises.

The class is always finished off with a nice shower and massage back at the escorts apartments. Well, at least you don’t have to suffer any longer to get fit.