Can the wrong foods reduce your libido?

Just as there are some foods which can increase your libido, there are some foods which can lower your libido as well. I was reading through Cosmo the other day, and found this article about foods which can improve your libido. What the article for got to mention, was the foods which can actually lower your libido. Some of them may appear healthy on the service, but I was just as shocked as many of the other girls at Bury Park escorts.

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The first thing that really surprised me was that oranges and orange juice can seriously lower your libido. The problem with oranges is that they are too acidic for the prostate and the bladder. Once you prostate is affected by acidity, it is much more likely to become inflamed leading to common prostate health conditions such as prostatitis . In turn, this can lead to erectile dysfunction and even nerve damage in the area of the bladder. This is a very sensitive area. Amy, who has been with us for a while here at Bury Park escorts, told me that it happened to her father. He was told to stop drinking orange juice.

Sugar is another food product that you should watch out for. It is in almost everything that we can eat, but it is important to keep taps on how much sugar that you can consume. Since working for Bury Park escorts, and watching my weight all of the time, I have become aware of how much sugar there is in food. When you too much sugar in your blood stream, it could affect the pancreas which is the organ where the hormone insulin is produced. If your body stops producing insulin, it can lead to diabetes which is known to cause problems with libido.

Soya is another killer when it comes to healthy eating. It is associated with a lower libido in both men, and women, and should be avoided. The problem is that it is such a common food additive. You will find it as a bulking agent in foods like bread, and even the healthiest breads will have soya in them. It will lower your libido as it changes your hormonal balance, and it is not easy to re-balance your hormones. Most of the girls here at Bury Park escorts thought it was good for them, but that is not true at all.

Cold water fish is one of the beat thing that you can east if you would like to have a healthy libido. Not only that, but seaweed is good for you as well. It contains a compound which can help you to improve your thyroid function. It makes me laugh, but some of the gents that I date at Bury Park escorts, don’t think that they have a thyroid. We all do, and if you look after your thyroid, you will be looking after your libido as well. Looking after the rest of you… well, I am more than happy to help.