Best Brunettes in Barnet

Brunette Barnet escorts are the girls of my choice! I never used to date out of central London but now I am only dating Barnet escorts. You see, I have a passion for brunettes and in Barnet you can find the most beautiful brunette Barnet escorts. Of course, there are brunettes available all over town but I have found that most stunning and sexiest brunettes are Barnet escorts. It could be because a lot of the Barnet escorts are from east Europe, after all girls from those countries tend to have brown hair.

Just like any other regular dater I have my favorite girls that I like to meet up with and I thought I would introduce them to you.

Brunette Sara

Sara is petite little number that I have been dating for the last five months. This little Yugoslavian firecracker can certainly turn you on when she wants, and can be really hot and spicy in more ways than one. She curls up on my lap and purrs like a little kitten, but if I ever stroke her hair the wrong way, she can turn on me like a tiger.

You see, I am one of these guys who have a thing about women’s hair, I love having a woman’s hair wrapped around me. I find that hair is really sexy, and I like to date girls who have rally long hair. This fascination started several years ago, and it has now become a bit of an obsession.

Sara has the most amazing long hair, and it reaches all the way down past her gorgeous little bum. Sara likes to wrap her hair around me when we are are out and about, and she sort of teases me with it. It is just what I like, so I am glad I have met my Sara.


Georgina is another hot brunette who will not tell me what country she is from but I know she understands Italian. Perhaps she is Italian, and sometimes she whispers little sweet nothing in my ear that I cannot understand. I just love that about her, and she really turns me on with her exotic good looks.

As well as having the most wonderful brunette hair, she has legs that seem to go on and on. I have never seen such long legs, and I don’t think I will again. Georgina and I date on a weekly basis and she says that I one of her best and naughtiest dates. I don’t mind her calling me naughty, I just wish she would let me be really naughty.

Girls, girls, girls – I love them all but their is certainly something special about brunettes in Barnet and I just love my Barnet escorts. Most guys that I speak to seem to have a preference, and for me only Barnet girls and babes will do. They are nice and they look like porn stars – what else do you want from a date? Well, they certainly fulfill all my wildest dreams and more.