Escorts Getting Fit

We are all told to get fit these days, but did you know that a group of London escorts have just started a keep fit class? It turns out that London escorts from are getting so concerned about their dates’ health that they decided to get them fit. A large majority of men who […]

Surprising Effects Of Watching Porn

Over the years porn has gotten a bad rap by many, stating it leads to sexual deviancy and other such misconceptions. To dispel the aforementioned notion, let’s reflect on the past. Sexual deviancy has existed since the dawn of time and pornography does not add to it. In fact, as access to pornography has increased, the forcible rape rate in the United States has fallen by 85 percent since 1980. On a lighter note, porn lets you indulge in your hidden fantasies without being ridiculed if you are not comfortable to share them with a partner. Let’s continue to look at some of the positive, surprising effects of watching porn!

Increased Male Stamina During Sex

Regularly watching porn and slowly masturbating to it if you are a man can allow you to enjoy your experience for longer, which is a plus, and an added bonus is that when you do have sex, you will be able to last longer, because you’ve had practice!

Enhanced Fantasies

A variety of porn exists to suit different fantasies such as body types, sex acts, sexual orientation, kinks, fetishes, and other indulgences. You can vicariously experience these fantasies even if your partner or person or people with whom you are intimately involved don’t enjoy these scenarios and don’t wish to indulge you in them. You can also experience seeing other people you would like to have sex with and with whom you want to perform particular sex acts without cheating on your partner if you are involved.

Benefits for Couples

Porn can bring couples closer together, because it can make them more comfortable discussing their likes and dislikes once they get comfortable watching porn together. It’s easier to introduce topics that might normally cause embarrassment while watching a porno movie. Couples can also see non-verbal reactions to particular scenes and acts in the film letting their partner know what they enjoy even if they are still uncomfortable discussing it while watching a film or any other time.

Safe Sex

Watching porn is the safest sex you can have. Although you are not having sex with another person and are not experiencing human contact, visual stimulus can provide a worthy substitute as opposed to having a one night stand with a stranger you may never see again and that you don’t know well enough to know their sexual history or whether they are disease-free. You have the advantage of seeing another human orgasm and experience sexual pleasure and you get to pick exactly who it is among a variety of film stars who have videos available and you can do it from the privacy of your own home on your TV, computer, or mobile device!